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Dr Anju Srivastava

Dr Anju Srivastava
Officiating Principal,Hindu College

Officiating Principal, Dr Anju Srivastava is Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Hindu College, University of Delhi. A graduate in Chemistry (Honours) from Hindu College in 1987, she received her M.Sc in Chemistry (1987-1989) and Ph.D from IIT Delhi (1989-1994). Her area of specialization is Synthetic Polymer Chemistry. Her doctoral thesis studies the Preparation and Properties of Endo-5-norbornene-2,3-dicarboximide (nadimide) end-capped imide resins. These specialty polymers find vital use in high temperature applications in the defense and aerospace industries. She currently teaches Organic Chemistry to the undergraduate students in Hindu College, where her interest areas include fundamental concepts of Organic Chemistry, Stereochemistry, Functional Groups Containing Organic Compounds and Polymers. Before stepping into academics, she had worked for 18 months at Gurgaon in the Research and Analysis Wing of Application Development Centre of GE Plastics a joint venture of General Electric, USA and IPCL, Vadodara. Her concern for environment and sustainability has made her an active member of Green Chemistry Network Centre, Delhi University where she has been contributing significantly in spreading awareness about the philosophy and practices of Green Chemistry among students, teachers, industrialists and other stakeholders. She has published several papers in reputed international and national journals. Her book on Green Chemistry for the undergraduate and school students is being published by Vigyan Prasar- a unit of DST.
She is the author of 5 books on Chemistry for the senior secondary students in the ICSE and CBSE curriculum. Apart from this, she has significant contributions in e-books in the form of chapters and quizzes in Organic Chemistry for National Science Digital Library (project of DST) and Institute of Lifelong Learning, DU. At the school level, she is the ideator and author of the Chemistry section of science for higher secondary curriculum for CBSE-international. Dr Anju Srivastava was selected as ILLL-Fellow for the period 2009-10. She has been the recipient of Distinguished Teacher Award given by Delhi University for the first time in 2009.
As Vice Principal, Acting Principal and alumnus of this prestigious institution, her constant endeavour would be to make the college gain new strides in academic excellence and lift the college to revel in its rich tradition, as it scales new heights