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Hostel Fee Structure
(Subject To Revision)

(A). Annual Charges Fee (B). Security Charges Fee
Admission Fee 200 Hostel Security 500
Furniture 500 Mess Security 2000
Dining Hall/Kitchen 200 Total 2500
Common Room 200    
Garden 100  
candidate 50  
Contingencies 100  
Development 1200  
Identity Card 10  
Room Rent 400  
Establishment 2750  
Electricity & Water 2100  
Hot Water 150  
Fan 60  
Maintenance 500  
Sports 100  
WUS Fee 120  
Total 8240  

* Hostel Security is refundable only when is finally leaving the hostel.
* Mess Security is adjustable against Mess dues only in the month of May.
* Subject to general revision
* Subject to specific revision as per actual expenditure.

Schedule of Payment

At the time of admission, a candidate has to pay (A)+(B)+10 months of Mess Advance at the rate of Rs.1000/- per month.
By 23rd March, 2010 the resident has to pay the excess amount on actual Mess Bills of the previous 9 months, otherwise the mess facility of the resident student will be withdrawn and he will not be allowed to take his annual university examination.