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Hostels in academic institutions are the epicenter of the dynamics of the campus life.  Spread over vast area and surrounded by green cover, encompassing gardens, inside and outside lawns, Hindu College Hostel, for over a half century has been providing fuel and force to the life and motion of College’s liberal democratic academic culture. Hindu College Hostel, with its architectural grandeur and aesthetics, has been an abode to many luminaries in a wonderful kaleidoscope that the time-space spectrum is.
Situated next to the sports complex, the Hostel is a spacious structure with 119 rooms enclosing eight lawns with rose beds and hedges. The Hostel provides residential facilities to about two hundred undergraduate and postgraduate male students. The Common Room provides the residents recreational facilities such as Table-tennis, Carom-board, Chess-board, and a separate TV room apart from the newspapers and magazines to keep them on the qui vive.  
Admissions are strictly on the basis of merit and the resident students are expected to maintain the spirit of camaraderie and dignity. The guiding principle for the Hindu College community has been to uphold democratic and egalitarian values and strive towards intellectual excellence.
The Hostel is managed by the Hostel Committee which is constituted by the Staff Council of the College and executed by the Warden in consultation with the Principal. Dr. Poonam Sethi ,Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce is the current Warden.

The Hostel Office and the Warden’s Residence, located within the Hostel premises, are integral part of the Hostel. There are several employees to look after the daily chores in the hostel. They include an office clerk, a mess manager, mess/room bearers, cooks, watchmen, janitors, gardener and a few others for kitchen and pantry work. In addition, there is a dry cleaner and a newspaper vendor to provide services to the resident students. The health services are made available to the residents by the WUS Health Center located within the University Campus.
•     All prospective candidates are required to procure the Hostel Handbook of Information for new admission and/or readmission every year, by filling in and submitting the Application Form appended to the Hostel Prospectus.

  • All admissions to the Hostel are made strictly on the basis of merit. Only those students, who do not have their immediate family members residing within the radius of 30 kms of the College (as the crow flies) are eligible for admission.
  • Once admitted to the College eligible students can apply for a seat in the Hostel however, the allocations for the academic year 2012-13 shall be made in the month of October 2012.
  • The applicant must attach the following documents (Photocopy) with the application form:

        1.     Fee Receipt issued by Hindu College Accounts Office.
        2.     Date of Birth Certificate.
      3.      XII Class Mark Sheet.
        4.     Residence Proof.
        5.     SC/ ST certificate or Certificate of Disability as the case may be.
        6.     Three self attested passport size photograph.
        7.     Two self addressed stamped envelops.

  • Short listed candidates must be accompanied by their Parents/Local Guardians for necessary interview with the Warden/Hostel Committee at the time of admission. A Local Guardian should be someone who holds a responsible position in an organization and/or possesses an authentic authorization from the Parents of the prospective resident. In no case the Local guardian shall be a student.

•      Candidates selected for admission to the Hostel shall be required to pay the Hostel fees by way of Demand Draft within the date and time stipulated in this regard. Demand draft should be drawn in favour of the Principal, Hindu College, and payable at Delhi. If the fees are not paid in the manner and by the date and time specified in this regard, any claim to admission to the Hostel shall stand automatically forfeited.
•      The students are required to submit a Residence Certificate from a Magistrate/ Resident Commissioner as a proof of permanent address at the time of their admission to the Hostel.
•      In case a student changes his course of study at any point of time after being admitted to the Hostel, his admission to the Hostel shall stand cancelled. He has to compete afresh with others in the new subject category to re-enter the Hostel, provided seats are available.
•      In case a resident fails in his University Examination and/or becomes an ex-student of the College, he will lose his Hostel allotment. Subsequently, upon passing, he will not get back his Hostel seat automatically. Instead, he has to compete afresh for admission through the new merit list for his batch. Only those students whose re- evaluation result certifies promotion will be given automatic re-admission.
•      After the successful completion of each academic year by the University of Delhi residents are re- admitted provided
(a) The resident has shown good behavior in the preceding year;
(b)The resident has secured a minimum of 55% in the case of being a Science/Commerce student and 50% in case of being a student from the Humanities/Arts stream.
(c) The resident has had a minimum of 66% attendance in the preceding year.

• Suspension/Expulsion order can be implemented with regard to any resident at any   point of time on the grounds such as violation of College/Hostel/ University Rules and regulations, Non-payment of dues, etc.
For details of the rules regulations and the fee structure please refer to the Handbook of Information of the Hindu college Hostel