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Hindu College is amongst the pioneers in the country in associating students with day-to-day activities of the institution.

The College magazine, “INDRAPRASTHA”, publishes articles by students and reports of the educational, cultural, social and sports activities of the College. Each section of the magazine is edited by a Student Editor under the supervision of a member of the teaching staff.

The Hindu College Parliament is a unique student organisation in the country. All the students and teachers of the College are its members. The students elect the Prime Minister from amongst themselves at the beginning of the year. There is also a Leader of the Opposition. The Speaker of the Parliament is a teacher nominated by the Principal in his/her capacity as the President of the Hindu College Republic.

The College Parliament is a forum for discussions on academic and other issues. It is an excellent training ground for public speaking and leadership qualities. It allocates funds to the various societies.

The Joint Consultative Committee, consisting of representatives of students and teachers from different departments is the main consultative body for all important matters concerning the curricular and extra-curricular activities in the College. It meets frequently with the Principal in the Chair.

The College maintains an extensive and excellent playground and a Sports Complex. Cricket, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis and Basket-ball events are organized in the college under the direct supervision of the Director of Physical Education.

The College has an active and vibrant NSS unit, which facilitates the participation of students in social work.

The college has an NCC wing for the students. It is associated with the Delhi Naval Unit and offers training to students in personality development. The students will have to participate in adventure camps and also will be assigned duties for the Republic and Independence Day parades. On the successful completion of ‘C’ certificate, the students are entitled to exemption from written examination for officer’s jobs in the Defence Services. They will get added benefit in marks in their final percentage too.
The students who wish to join the NCC Wing of the college are required to contact Sub Lieutenant (Dr.) Harinder Kumar, Dept. of Hindi, Hindu College, who is Associate NCC Officer of the college.